Dakota finishes Road America with some challenging results but remains 3rd in the drivers championship.
Wednesday's Results: Road America presented more challenges than expected. With the layout being a major horsepower track, car performance was key to a strong result. Working with a draft partner was also key to remain in front. Dakota qualified P2 and started on the outside of row one. A poor start saw Dakota fall back a couple of spots at the start of the race and he was quickly dropped by the main group. The car seemed to struggle with overall power and the lack of a drafting partner resulted in a 5th place finish, the lowest finishing positon for the year.
Thursday's Results: For the second day in a row Dakota was able to take a struggling car and place it in P2 just in front of competitor Ben Waddel. At the drop of the green flag Dakota slotted into P3 after turn 3. The race remained in that order with Ben Waddel moving into P2. Dakota and Ben tried to draft their way up to Tim Reiger in P1 but the two of them together could not catch Timo. Dakota's car was struggling up the hill leading to the start finish line and Ben had to wait for Dakota's car to regroup each lap. The strategy proved to be an impossible attempt and Dakota crossed the line in P3 maintaining an impressive 5 podiums in 6 races. The competition moves to Miami Homestead in August to race under the lights in August.