Off the Track

Although racing is my primary passion there is always a need to have other outlets and activities that develop agility, endurance, and focus. In addition, I think it is important to have fun outside of racing to maintain a balanced attitude and lifestyle. That being said, if you give me a choice between anything else and racing, I am always going to say, "put me behind the wheel and let me go!"

Paintball is a great way to build up cardio and small muscle memory. It is a very physical sport that can really get your heart pounding. Sliding in the dirt, ducking and dodging paintballs flying by at 100mph, and working with a team are all part of the fun. Plus, it's always rewarding seeing your opponent covered in paint after the match!


Recently I took up a new hobby - trap shooting. It is another great sport that helps to develop hand-eye coordination, small muscle memory, and requires that you block out all distractions maintaining 100% focus; ideal training for a race car driver. In my first outing having never shot a shotgun I was able to hit 22 of 25 targets. I was later informed that national average for a first time shooter was 4 out of 25. I enjoyed myself so much that I try to get out to the range whenever there is a free weekend.